Can you imagine if you enjoyed your life so much, that you didn’t wish for anything else? Just think if your Big 7 life areas (Finances, Business, Relationships, Fun, Spiritual, Mind, Body) were so fulfilled that you looked forward to awakening each day to face your exciting schedule ahead.

You definitely deserve a life like this, but who’s going to give it to you? There’s only one person who can do that and its you.

Here’s an exercise that you can try.

Create a chart similar to the below.


Put an ultimate goal in each of the boxes for each area. Currently it says 10 years, but you can put it out as long as you’d like. Do the same with an end date in the previous row and the row before that. Set a recurring alarm on your phone to update this chart once a week. The first time it may take a while, but each week the project will get easier. You will notice that you’re taking charge of your entire life with a commitment of less than 10 minutes a week.

It’s  a simple chart, but it’s going to have a drastic impact. The chart is so focused that you won’t get off topic and it’s so simple that it’s not time consuming. The snapshot is there to see if your weekly and monthly goals aligns with your overall goal. If it doesn’t align, change it.

Let’s look at the proposed life areas to help your focus.

  • Mind – This could be expanding your knowledge base, reading more books, learning, etc.
  • Body – This could be improving your strength, your health, your endurance, etc.
  • Spirit – This could be practicing your religion, meditating, staying focused, controlling your energy, etc.
  • Finances – This could be saving more money, making more money, leaving a family nest egg, etc.
  • Business – This could be creating a business, getting a promotion, changing career fields, etc.
  • Relationship – his could be getting closer to your significant other, spending more time with your friends, strengthening your family, etc.
  • Fun – This could be traveling, indulging in material possessions, enjoying nature more, etc.

Overtime you may realize that you need to update your chart. You may want to add a new life area or make another chart that’s similar. Either way, it doesn’t matter how you update it, as long as the focus is on YOU. You may be responsible for some of the people around you in your life, but the only person responsible for your happiness is YOU. Stay the course and slowly, yet surely, you will find that your ideal lifestyle is the one that you are living. You would have taken control and stayed focus on being the ultimate version of you. This will indeed make your life one that is more fulfilling and exciting.

Try it out for a few weeks and tell us in the comments, what you think.