Have you head of a susu?

If you have just 5 friends that you trust, you need to start one.

Wikipedia says that it’s an informal loan club, but its so much more than that. Society that we call primitive or ancient, still use these systems, much like we use a bank. Except there’s no big hidden person/company gouging all of your fees. Simply speaking, 5, 10, 20 (or however many people) put the same amount of money into the pot (or savings, or shoe box, basically what they decide collectively) each month (or week, bi-weekly, etc). One person each month (or so) will get a lump sum from the money. This process will continue until everyone has had a chance to receive the lump sum (or however long the group decided).

This is cooperative economics because the entire group cooperates together for the greater good. In the sisu example, these communities do not need banks or outside people, because they help themselves. Can you imagine how many other ways you can pool resources together for the collective group?

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  • One family house or multiple properties on a street
  • Multiple people grow gardens and trade the harvest
  • Car pooling for work, school, or afternoon sports
  • Babysitting groups take turns watching the children
  • Siblings putting money together to pay off family debt/buy family house
  • Friends putting money together to start or invest in a business

These were just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. Think of some areas in your life that you could use some help. Think of your loved ones around you that could offer that assistance. Surely you could trade your assistance in one area for their assistance in another.  Cooperative economics should be a continual idea of thought to improve your quality of life. It’s not just improving your life, but of your loved ones around you.

But don’t forget about Image result for trust

The most important thing you need to make cooperative economics work is trust. (It’s actually the foundation for any type of group to work) Oh… And guidelines. If you’re starting a sisu with those around you, its best to start small. In whichever manner you decide to practice cooperative economics, its best to start small. The more you practice with the people around you, the better you’ll get at determining how to practice establish guidelines, protocols and not completely wreck relationships in the event that something does not work out right.

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In an individual society, it can be difficult to think of improving one’s life by cooperating with others, but its the only way to get great things done. Look at your favorite sky scrapers, businesses, relationships, heck…nature. Without the work of others (regardless if others are friendly or not) the goal in mind (not individual mindsets) keeps making great things happen.

Make great things happen.  Build with others.

Let us know how it works!