Similar to a previous post, this one focuses on the strengths and weaknesses that we all possess, but the goal here is to focus on the strengths. The worst things about you have a habit of sticking out. Even if it’s not purposeful, they appear. I’m not telling you to ignore the weaknesses outright, but let’s not give them so much attention.

Looking at the your weaknesses help you find more weaknesses and shortcomings do not feel good. If you find a way to play to your strengths more, you’ll feel better, be happier and have more rewarding days.  This is a win-win situation. Can you imagine what this will do for you on your bad days.

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Make a list (yes, another one) of your strengths. Go ahead and add the things you’re naturally good at too (your talents). If you’re struggling with your list (this is not the time to be modest), think about your latest compliments, no matter how small.

  • Do you drive well?
  • Cook well?
  • Always have a smile on your face?
  • Are you selfless?
  • Are you really smart?
  • Do you read well?

Make this list as long as possible. Now make a habit of playing to your strengths. If you cook well, cook and share your food often. People will love it and compliment you more. :0) If you’re a great problem solver, help other people solve problems or solve more of your own problems. The accomplishment will help boost your endorphins. Hopefully you catch the drift. Everyday remind yourself of what you do well. If someone gives you a complement that is not already on your list. Add it!

So, why is this important?

  • It will help you feel good about yourself
  • It will help others see your value
  • What’s good about you, will become great about you
  • It will inspire others

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I bet you could also think of some ways this will benefit your quality of life. Maybe practicing this exercise on a more than regular basis will help even minimize your weaknesses.  Get to that list, and playing to those strengths.

Let me know how it goes.