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It was a classic deterring moment of Black unity. We have seen this so many times it’s almost pathetic. No, actually it is pathetic. As soon as someone speaks unapologetically about Black unity, they are instantly drawn into a public indictment by mainstream media. NO?

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Malcolm X was often taken out of context when he discussed unity.

Nelson Mandela wasn’t deemed a saint. Not until this spirit was broken down in decades of detainment.

Marcus Garvey was accused of fraud.

Heck, even Tupac was blamed for single handedly increasing the rise of violence in America’s youth.

Then of course there’s #alllivesmatter only in response to #blacklivesmatter because of course no one knew there was a need, until we rushed to silence the movement.

Now, I’m not one to say follow anyone blindly. African’s history within American will quickly show you that every great organization will be soon infiltrated with spies whose sole purpose is to “prevent the rise of a Black messiah”. Therefore you should ALWAYS approach with caution, but don’t let that deter you from the message or the facts.

In Dr. Umar’s interrogation on Roland Martin’s show, every accusation was quickly followed by another. Possibly because they couldn’t attack the well thought out responses, because otherwise it would have gave rise to 15 minutes of “why don’t you have an answer? you must be lying“. There were two very important things that I believe Dr. Umar tried to explain when he was railroaded by Martin’s terror squad.

  • Black Men have to commit themselves to Black Women
  • White people have not done anything Systematically to equal the playing field for Black people

Regardless of your feelings towards Black leaders, the lack of Black leaders, or any Pan African ideology, these are conscious thoughts that should be explored by anyone claiming to promote the advancement of the African diaspora. The attack of Dr. Umar was purposeful because these issues were not to be explained for the viewers to consider. Discrediting Dr. Umar as oppose to listening to what he’s saying was more so an attack on the unification of the African diaspora more so than that of Dr. Umar.

So, with the terror squad and Dr. Umar aside… what are your conscious thoughts on the above bullet points.