He may look fly, but his mind ain’t worth ish.

How many times have you seen children who are well off, but they’re mean or angry? I’ve seen a lot of children who know how to maneuver an Ipod, but are horrible at making and developing friendships. Remember when that wasn’t even a thing for kids to learn how to do because it came so natural? The most important investment that you can make in your child is not money, or the best education, it’s investing in the mental and emotional state of that child.

Think about a few of these things when it comes to your children

  • The way you talk to the child is important
  • The way you respond to the child is important
  • How you listen to the child is important
  • It’s important to encourage the child
  • Avoid overly criticizing the child
  • Help them improve their weaknesses
  • Continuously compliment them on their strengths.

Most people can be overly critical when it comes to other people’s parenting, but the truth is, there is no manual and every single child is different. Sometimes you can’t parent two children exactly the same because no matter how much of their upbringing is alike they are different. When you invest time and energy into each child you learn more about them and how they respond to different parenting styles. If their mental and emotional well being is rich, they will be successful no matter what they decide to do. No matter what type of grades they make in school. No matter what type of family they come from.

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Fredrick Douglas said that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Think about the truth in that quote.

If we build strong children, we will build strong leaders and strong leaders build strong nations. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.