We all suffer from a little mental instability at some point in our lives. There are days where we feel like we don’t have it all together (no one has it all together). There are days where we are excessively sad. Days where we have no idea how to balance life, work, friends, significant others, kids, spirituality, finances, enemies, haters, animals, car, house, groceries, cleaning… As you can see, I can go on forever and so could your life’s issues.

The point is, no matter the age, background or personality trait, we have a lot to juggle. We may deem this balance to not be serious enough for “professional” help, but you can usher your SELF back into balance, by reading a SELF HELP book.

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NOPE. I’m not going to tell you what self help book you need because I have no idea. I don’t know what you’re balancing. You may not even fully understand what you’re balancing, but with all that I named in the first paragraph, I’m sure you can pick one to start. *close your eyes and point*. Find a book that positively explains how to overcome it and read it. Read it cover to cover. Skim to the good parts. Or just read the table of contents. But Read it.

That’s It You’re Cured

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Not exactly, but thinking about your imbalance positively will help. This book (or skim) will give you suggestions of other ways to handle your concerns. It may give you different ways to look at things. OR (one of my personal favorites) you may determine that the author is ALL wrong and you actually have the right answer. It was there all along, it just took someone else to bring it out of you.

The point is. Instead of letting your imbalance topple you over, you’re proactively doing something about it. There are plenty of self help books on the market. Way too many according to some experts, but this is your minute personal therapy. AND It’s cheaper and less annoying than forcing your friends to listen to your rants. Check out the local library or hang out in the local bookstore and have at it. Look at different books on different topics, the power is yours. USE IT WISELY!

Although this does not overshadow professional help, it can help with the occasional (daily) feeling of imbalance. Or maybe it doesn’t… Let us know in the comments.