Pre-Columbian American, Afro-Brazilian, origins of the transatlantic slave trade doesn’t seem like topics that would be in a children’s book series, but these are the topics you’d find in the Demarcus Jones chapter book series. Because the information within the books is so important, although written in a 9-12 year old format, the children’s book is a must for all ages. Knowing this, the author was adamant about having a book that even younger children can enjoy, which is what sparked the complementary audio book series.

Author, Quineka Ragsdale created the book series after noticing a lack of factual historical information available to youth. “They shouldn’t have to wait until after traditional schooling, to learn important historical information regarding the African diaspora,” she says.

The audio book series does not follow a typical audio book style. The books are read by children who imitate creative voices and are infused with corresponding sound effects. Younger children, busy people or intimidated readers are encouraged to learn about historical figures such as AbuBakari, Yaa Asantewaa, Marcus Garvey by simply pushing play.

CJK Publishing produces the Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar book series along with other products aimed to “tell our stories through our eyes”. The audio books are available for digital download for only $5. Currently, the first two books are available, with the 3rd expected to be released within the next few months. To learn more about Demarcus Jones products check out the site: To download the audio books, click the appropriate image below.

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