When you hear about a trap kitchen what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

“Yeah, they cooking something on that stove”

But these gentlemen from Compton took a not so hot, yet common, slang term and turned it into something innovative, enticing, and community oriented. I saw one of the headlines : -Trading Gang Life For Food- and I thought to myself, whoa that’s amazing.

Of course the story went into how these gentlemen were from rival gangs and now they’re working together doing something legit (real nice feel good story), but what also stood out to me was the innovation. These gentlemen weren’t even trying to be something that they weren’t. They took something they knew [the community], mixed it with something they like [food], added a niche [5 star meals, but not at 5 star prices] then added a benefit [delivery] and created lucrative business model. Let’s not forget the awesome PR story that it’s also a legal business as oppose to the lifestyle that these gentlemen once had.

The Trap Kitchen serves meal selections such as surf and turf, barbecue dinners, and an assortment of chops. Check out their menu on their website.

The story really is cool and they were featured on quite a few media. Check out one of these sites: Ebony magazine  Vice CNN’s Great Big Story.

There’s a lot to learn here from these gentlemen and it has nothing to do with the trap. What’s your passion? How can you turn it into a great business model. Don’t look further than your own able bodied mind, hands and feet. What would you do all day everyday if it was free. Now Turn It Into a Business.

Let us know your ideas in the comments (or don’t… because we don’t want the world wide web to take it).