Rather for fact or discouragement most people are aware that a huge percent of newly created businesses fail. It says right there in the fact…businesses fail, but if your business fails, that doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. A failed business venture is actually an opportunity, a lesson, but not a failure.

There are many people that we consider a success that have failed more times than many of us are even willing to try (Mary Monroe, Michael Jackson, The President of the United States, Oprah Winfrey etc). Even after the massive amount of times that these people have failed, no one considers any of these people failures. So why would you consider yourself one after a failed business venture?

Failure has a negative connotation, but it could be the best thing for you. A business failure helps improve your resilience, test your persistence and dedication and it helps you overcome your fears, so why be discouraged? Resilience, persistence, dedication and courage are traits shared by all successful people. Starting  business venture, whether it fails or succeeds, will let you flex those muscles.

Resilience is a trait we often see in children. This is no surprise because children haven’t lived long enough to experience enough failure to make them cautious. Trying a  new business venture requires hours of time, energy, money, research and mistakes. Even if you hire a consultant, you are bound to make some type of business mistakes. But getting up day after day to face these daily makes your resilience shine. Even after failing at a business helps your need to continue with work and/or tasks make your resilience gleam.

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Persistence is similar to resilience, but is its on trait. Persistence shows that you are willing to work as hard as you have to to get what you want. Successful people don’t quit at the first sight of trouble, or the first sign of failure, they continue to move. They continue to work towards “getting there” until they have arrived. Simply going through the motions to get a business started shows that you have persistence. Running the business shows that you had to walk to get it to run. Even after a business failure the grit that you’ve gained from the persistence of the business you had, will have a lasting effect on your future.

Dedication no one else believed in your business the way you have. It takes a lot of dedication to make something go from just an idea, to a tangible product, place or service. Once you print marketing material and tell your friends, you have already proven your dedication. There’s no turning back from your word or what you have put in print. A lot of people may think that once the business fails, there is nothing to be dedicated to, but that is not the case. The dedication it took to take your idea from its infancy stage, develop it into a product and broadcast its benefit gives you a track record of dedication.

The fear of failure can be massive, but once you’ve started, the biggest part is behind you. You’ve already overcome the fear part and there’s no turning back. I’ve heard that nothing worth having comes easy, and although I don’t know how true that is, nothing beats going for what you want. How sad can you really feel for working to reach your goals. Regardless if you reach them or not, just the act of working towards it, should feel like an accomplishment.

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So what are you waiting for? Get to work without worry. You’ll be a better person, no matter what!