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Have you ever looked in your wallet or at your bank account and the balance was much lower than you expected? Not just a few dollars off, but at least $100 off. Usually this happens due to overextending your entertainment budget. When budgeting usually we think entertainment is the first to go, but it’s not. It always finds a way to sneak itself in. Save some money (and embarrassment) by rethinking the entertainment budget.

Quick Lunch

It happens more often than it should. Your lack of planning or change of plans requires you to have to pick something up on the way to your destination or simply to get you through the day. This can be a daily run to the vending machine or a quick lunch at a drive through. These simple meals can add up to $10 at any given time. The Alternative: Cook at home. Yes, I know it sounds simple, but REALLY REALLY think about it. For that same $10, you could buy ground meat, noodles, spaghetti sauce, garlic bread, and green beans (a common American meal) and eat for an entire week. Your one quick lunch just turned into 5 wholesome meals. No, you don’t have to eat spaghetti, but you should get the point. Make the time to save the money.


Aww…who doesn’t love a great blockbuster. Especially this summer. It seems like all the good stuff is coming out. PAUSE. One movie ticket can cost at least $10. Don’t buy any popcorn, sodas or snacks at the concession because you just cost yourself a water bill. The Alternative: Rent a movie. Make it a Redbox (or some other local box) night. Sure, the movie is a little bit older, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. It’s the same movie. For the cost of one movie ticket you can rent a movie, purchase a box of popcorn (could easily equal SIX buckets), candy and soda. Why stop at one movie? There’s actually enough money to get two. Fun doesn’t have to break the bank.

Concert Tickets

The average cost of a basic concert ticket is $50. What do you get for that? Pushing, shoving, can’t see, can’t hear and there’s the likely chance that the artist didn’t even sing your favorite song the way you like it. Not to mention how much you had to pay to park. The Alternative: Save the $50 on popular artist tickets and go to a local show. Local artists are considerably lower and a sometimes free and they put on just as good a show. You even have a better opportunity of meeting the artist without paying an additional fee. This is the same for theater. Local and community theaters are a lot less costly than premium theaters and you can even meet the actors after the show. Oh… and parking is FREE.

Social Clubs

If music, dancing and atmosphere is what you’re looking for you have options here too. And I’m not talking about getting there early to get in free (although that could be an option for you). Rethink the social club scene. when you get down to the basics you can have the same type of fun without the premium cover charge and overpriced drinks. The Alternative:  Game night! Who doesn’t like game night? This is a potluck style gathering where friends gather just to have fun. You can play your own favorite songs, bring your own favorite snacks and play your own favorite games. It’s a less expensive option because everyone is bringing things to share. Spice it up by asking all of your friends to invite a friend. Although an intimate setting is usually the most fun, a few extra people could help you meet someone new.


Not necessarily a specific alternative, but why don’t you have a DIY night? Spend an evening trying a new recipe, creating a new piece of art, clothing or furniture. The project itself will keep you intrigued and your outcome will get you inspired. Regardless if you master your project or totally bomb it, you would have tried something you never had and walked away with an experience. Make it even more fun by getting your family members involved.

And the Savings Continue

Did you notice how our alternatives didn’t require much driving? As a matter of fact, the first one stopped you from making extra trips. This is saving you GAS MONEY. Being Self sufficient helps you in more ways than you may initially realize.

Try these out. Let us know what you think. Have you figured out your own alternatives? Tell us below in the comments.