Turn your weakness into a strength

I was on Pinterest one day, looking at the random option and came across this image above. It was inspiring. I said to myself “Hold up… You mean?” No. I didn’t finish the thought, which is why I’m finishing it now.

In training for a job interview, I’ve heard of how to speak of your weakness as a hidden strength, but the word play in this image was different. I mean, just look at the match ups.

  • Negative – Realistic
  • Unrealistic – Positive
  • Boring – Responsible
  • Irresponsible – Adventurous
  • Shy – Reflective
  • Emotionless – Calm
  • Obnoxious – Enthusiastic
  • Inconsistent – Flexible
  • Stubborn – Dedicated
  • Inflexible – Organized
  • Disorganized – Creative

This escapes beyond lying and explodes into ingeniousness. Although I must say, that I know a few people who you could this wordsmithness (I learned that word from Lupe) for bad instead of good, I think this is awesome. The possibilities are endless. I thought of a few traits myself.

  • Selfish – Protective
  • Loud – Expressive
  • Emotional – Caring

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If it hasn’t dawned on you yet, like it did with me in paragraph 1, this means that my formerly bad traits are now good. With the flick of a word, I go from an undesirable employee/friend/parent etc. to this amazingly creative person. I’m going to use this to change the world (my world, that is).

Sticks and stones may break your bones but words…

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Yea, they can hurt, but if you can take that word, regurgitate it and throw it back… VOILA Magic. If you once suffered from low self esteem (or simply spent too much time comparing your life to those on social media) look at all the things that are bad about you and complete this challenge. Put on your cape and creatively regurgitate those words. Walk around with your head up high because yesterday you were emotionless, but today you are calm. This morning you were accused of being inconsistent, but they now know that you’re just flexible. If they don’t like the amazing flexibility that you possess, tell them to (you fill in that blank yourself).

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Use the power of words to change your day and excite your life. Do not own a negative label until you’ve regurgitated it first. Do not allow someone to label you without setting them straight with the correct term. Go on now. Recreate those words and let me know what you come up with.