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In the social media age it seems like having followers is the thing to do. Reminiscent of high school, who doesn’t want to be popular? From a media standpoint, the popular guy gets all the money because the more people that know you, the more who watch your movies, go to your shows and read your books. But from a life, business and organizational standpoint it’s more beneficial to create leaders then to build followers. Building leaders require no more work than it does to build followers, but its definitely more rewarding. Try these 4 quick methods to building leaders.

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Find Out Their Motivation
Motivation is a tricky little thing. Motivation is what gets you going, but finding that thing that gets you going is the key. It can take people forever to figure this thing out so just imagine trying to figure it out from others. Start with the simple question of what motivates you? Maybe you’ll get lucky. If your potential leader does not know the answer to this question, you must probe deeper. Ask questions such as

  • If money were no object, what would you do all day, everyday?
  • At the end of your life, what do you want to be remembered for?
  • What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you, what makes you happy?

These type of questions will get your potential leader thinking and eventually you’ll find what gives them that spark. But why is it so important to know what motivates them? Because now you know what it takes to get them to do the things that are important. If they can’t see their motivational goal and the end of the road, there may not be reason for them to travel that road.

Give Them Something That They Can Own
Yes! Responsibility. Some may think, “Why would I want more things to be responsible for?” but that’s just it. Knowing that some important piece of a puzzle does not happen if you don’t do it, gives you pride. It helps you to understand where you fit in the world. Just think of the pride your potential leader will have when they know they own a process and begin to excel at it.

Raise Your Expectations
Just as the above suggestion, this one may seem like counter-intuitive, but its really not. A lot of people fail, not because they’re bad at something or because they’re irresponsible, but because we expect them to fail. Raise your expectations with your potential leader. That process that they owned in the above suggestion… Let them know that you expect them to excel at it and hold them accountable for that. You’d be surprised at how many people rise to the occasion simply because it was risen.

Be A Mentor
So we have given our potential leader responsibilities and we expect them to excel in those responsibilities, but how do they gain the confidence to do just that? From YOU! When you’re there to guide your potential leader along the way, they feel more confident to make their own decisions and get things done. When they know you trust that they can handle something, they begin to trust in themselves. And most importantly, if they fail, they will know they can look to you not for scorn, but encouragement and crucial feedback of how to approach the situation differently. See our previous post on how to be mentor for more information on just that topic.

These are 4 simple tips, but I bet you have your own. What do you do to build the leaders around you? If you hadn’t thought about it before, try these and let us know how it worked in the comment section below.

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