In recent decades, the slow skulk of individualism has crept into our communities, our families and has grown to cloud our minds. Wikipedia describes individualism as the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology or social outlook that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual. Dictionary concurs with this explanation as the habit or principal of being independent and self reliant.

On its own merits, it is  a facade. The word helps you to envision this

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Regardless if “you’re an introvert who doesn’t play well with others you need people and they need you. Humans are social animals who feed off the cues and energy of others. Could you imagine going a month without seeing another human being? So, stop with the independence building and learn to build with others. You have to work together to build a family and families build communities. In turn communities build cities, cities compile into states and states build nations. There’s no way to community build without learning to work with others.

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So, how do you learn to work with others?

Increase your people engagement. This doesn’t have to be anything drastic. Spend more time listening to people and directing our conversation into positive avenues. Instead of talking about the latest media gossip try talking about family tips and positive organizations. Make it a point to do this often. Like… put it on your to do list. Check this off daily. There’s plenty of websites to help guide you through learning how to get along or communicate with others. Check those out regularly and take time to try out the tips that you like.

After you slowly build relationships with the people around you, with a focus on positivity, learn to build with people that you would normally have a conflict with. Try that family member that you never see eye to eye with, or that co-worker who attacks all of your ideas. Approach them with a simple goal in mind. Instead of your goal being, they will see things my way, try something simple like having a two minute conversation without an argument. Overtime you can build up to a goal such as winning them over with your idea (or actually listening to them to understand why your idea wouldn’t work).

Instead of being

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try being

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so you will feel empowered to build the ideal community that you want. Try it and let us know how it goes.