I’m not sure how much this topic has been addressed, so I’m just going to put it out there now. It’s been on my mind for over a year. The #blacklivesmatter campaign started as a result of the many public executions and cases of young Black men by law enforcement. All of the cases were seen as an unnecessary loss of life on behalf of law enforcement. To add insult to injury, those young men who lost their lives were publicly vilified by the media in regards to their personal lives (an attempt to destroy their character) and their murderers (who were almost never called murderers) had always gotten away without punishment. Hence the creation of an organization such as Black Lives Matter.

Even if you’re not one to follow organizations, research their by laws and objections, most could agree from the string of events in concern with Black lives, that they obviously didn’t matter to the American public (this realization was made of course due to media coverage as well as the justice department), most people (or at least Black people) could agree that it appeared that Black lives did not matter.

We didn’t have to wait a month or a week, because as soon as some White people got wind of this (I’m not going to acknowledge a certain group of White people, so I’ll just say some) they IMMEDIATELY attempted to water down the “Black” part of that statement and coined ALL LIVES MATTER. WTF? This is reminiscent to the 60’s when Black leaders wanted equal rights for Black people, but instead were given ‘civil’ rights. CIVIL RIGHTS? Civil rights, which got watered down again to include all minorities (including women) which all but IGNORED the issues of Black people around America.

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Fast forward. About 2 more minutes (yes we didn’t have to go that far).

Black people are outraged as they should and demanded justice (in whichever way each group of Black people saw fit) from the law enforcement. Then some White people (see reference to some above) decided that because we want justice for Black people murdered in America by law enforcement who wears blue uniforms that BLUE LIVES MATTER. WTF?

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Yes, this means. They didn’t like a color at first. We need to include ALL people.

No, wait hold up.

We do like colors. Let’s choose BLUE PEOPLE.

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Now, there are some Black people (see reference to some above. Some people need me to say that many times) explaining themselves as to “of course other lives matter, but we’re being killed” or… “of course some cops are cool, but not the ones killing us”. Like really????


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No, we don’t. These are what you call smoke screens, facades, or whatever term you want to use that OUR FOCUS IS BEING MISDIRECTED. Just like with the talented tenth’s, civil rights movement, welfare queen, crack babies, dead-beat dad, black-on-black crime, feminist movement, war on drugs (I could probably go on for days. Might be its own blog post). ALL OF THESE ARE DISTRACTIONS.

The facts are facts and if we keep letting these fallacious movements deter us from the real issue of the genocide against Black people, we will forever fight a losing battle.

All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter are rooted in Racism. I would not be surprised if a card carrying klan member created the first hashtag. They probably left a meeting with the directive of we’ll blow these hashtags up. And of course whatever many… many more will follow.

Regardless if Blue and All is supporting the killing of innocent Black people around the world, let’s not use energy defending that notion. If those who confront you wish to argue, send them some research, if they care that much they’ll read it, if they don’t they just want to argue and not discuss facts.