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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I’m sure you’ve heard this so many times that has lost its meaning. You know that you already do it.

  • Reuse a plastic container for leftovers
  • Reuse a shopping bag as a garbage bag
  • Wore a pair of hand-me downs

If you’ve done either of the above, you’re already a repurposer (yup, made that word up), but you can do it more. Repurposers transform the ordinary into extraordinary. They give things life, because they don’t only use them for their stated purpose, they upgrade things for purposes beyond the imaginable. Just when that t-shirt thought it was going to die, it was passed to your sister. When it thought it was to die again, it was turned into a chew toy. And as soon as it thought that was the last of its life, it became a rag. Look at that… An ordinary t-shirt lives, then lives again and again and oh my…

You want to be the superhero in this story. You must be the super hero in this story because our planet needs you. If you’ve heard of the trash island off the coast of America the size of Texas you must want to get involved. If you’ve heard the story of the dyeing bees (that we need to survive by the way) you have to get involved.

Now that you’re ready to put on your cape (Speaking of cape… that’s a re-purpose project for you)

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Learn to do without. I don’t mean dire restraints such as not being able to eat or living poorly. Just look around your home, car, pantry and closet. I’m sure there’s plenty of thing you have that seemed like you really needed them, but they never quite got the use. Put those type of items on your do not buy list. Now, look around at those same things and determine if there’s something else that can take the place of it, that you already own. Instead of buying a belt/scarf holder, use those extra shower rods. Instead of buying cotton swabs, use a towel. You’ll have to get creative, but you should be able to find at least a few things.

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Recycle or Upcycle

Most items we use on a daily basis can be recycled such as boxes, bottles, glasses, etc. Put for the extra effort and actually recycle those. If you’re not around a recycle bin, keep it until you are. Most stores are allowing you to recycle your ink cartridges, batteries and electronic devices. Take advantage of those services. If you don’t know of where, do an online search or start asking some of your city employees.

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If you have things you no longer want or need, give them away. Ask family and friends or put on social media that you no longer have need for these items. Usually there’s someone to take it. Or find a local Fred Sanford to take in your junk to create something new. You can also be a Fred Sanford by taking old things and finding new ways to use them. Like that t-shirt story earlier. You can reuse boxes, jars, old clothes, almost anything. We’ll keep you posted on some ideas in coming months. You can even upcycle old kitchen scraps. Have you heard of a compost?

Create more heroes. There’s almost nothing more important than this. I know sometimes we think of other superheroes as being our competition, but if we work together we make the world a better place for us all. Help your friends and family find their inner hero and upcycle them their own cape. If we all influenced two other super heroes, how super would this world be?

What are you recycling/upcycling? Let us hear about it in the comments below.