The city secures my water. The state regulates my electricity. I have no idea what farm my food comes from, but I get it from the store. Yes, I have to wait until they open, but I know they will open because they always do.

Does this sound like you? It definitely sounds like most Americans. The government regulates almost every portion of our lives which has resulted in us relying on the government for our basic life needs.

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Basic life needs… Shelter, Food and Water. All are required to survive. If our government threw in the towel today. I mean, just got tired and said, “I don’t want to be apart of this any more.” Would you be able to survive?

You can if you increasingly become, self-sufficient. All that means is that you do not require help from anyone else. That you have a way to provide for yourself (and your family) for your basic needs. The body was made to survive, but what if the person who controls that body has no idea how to use the resources around them to make it work? The human body cannot survive more than 3 days without water or more than 3 weeks without food.

Let’s break this up:

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Your shelter is a big one. Think about these questions.

  • How much of your shelter do you own?
  • How much of its maintenance can you perform without assistance?
  • Can you cool and heat it without requiring your county’s assistance?
  • Do you know how to survive without a controlled climate?
  • Have you ever slept outside?
  • Do you know what wild animals are native to your area?
  • Do you know how to spot wild animals?
  • Do you know if wild animals are a threat?

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When it comes to your food think about these questions.

  • Does a store have to be open around you in order for you to eat?
  • Do you know to grow your own food?
  • Do you know how to compost?
  • Do you know what wild plants you can and cannot consume?
  • Do you know what wild plants are poisonous?
  • How much food do you need to survive?
  • Have you ever tried rationing food?

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What about water supplies.

If the water became compromised do you know where the closest water reserve is?
Do you know how to purify it if necessary?

The Media does a great job of keeping us concerned about the next “possible” terror attack, but what if it actually happened? What if the attack affects our basic needs and compromises our regulated needs?


What if that zombie Apocalypse actually happened (if you believe in that sort of thing)? Would you be ready?

A lot to think about I know, but where are you on your self-sufficient trail? How could you improve? Tell us about it.