In a previous blog post, I wrote about the importance of leaving our most basic level of life, which I called Level 1. This week, I want to expand on what I deem to be levels beyond level 1.

LEVEL 2 – Education or Knowledge of Self

Gaining knowledge is essential in improving a way of life. Almost so important that it should be the most basic level, but since we lack knowledge of self I will call this Level 2. In level 2, not only are we gaining knowledge of self, but also knowledge of other things that can help our self-improvement. In the current climate of the nation, political knowledge would be helpful. In the case of entrepreneurship, business knowledge would be helpful. We should always make time to improve upon our knowledge of things that interest us as well as things that affect us.

LEVEL 3 – Self Improvement

You are unique. There has never been another person born like you, who has gone through the same experiences as you, and who makes the same decisions as you. You are the only expert of you and no one else knows what would help improve you more than yourself. This gives you something to work on daily. Do you need to improve your characteristics, how you respond to certain issues, etc. Constantly working to improve self means you’ll be the best you that you can be.

LEVEL 4  – Self Sufficiency

Basic human needs are food, shelter and security. No matter what city, country or continent you’re in, all people require the same basic needs. The more control you have on your basic needs, the more self-sufficient you are. Make sure to spend some of your time and energy on growing your own food, securing your own shelter and having the means to protect yourself and your family.

LEVEL 5 – Community/Nation building

First we build our families, next we build our neighborhoods, then we build our communities. Successively we reach level 5 when we master the art of building with others. Sure we have differences. Our uniqueness also plays into our different personalities and alter personalities can be difficult to work with, but once you master this you can reach innumerable goals. Goals for your self as well as your community. When you learn to collaborate with your community members to reach common goals, you can build anything.

Most of us want to improve ourselves and our world for the future, but we don’t know how to go about doing it. Go beyond level 1 and let level 2 – level 5 be your guide. Performing on these levels will be different and personal for each person, but once we begin to reach them collectively we will be able to move mountains.

To give real life examples to reaching these levels, we will dedicate a large portion of our blog to inform you weekly of how to reach these levels. If you have a great story about either of these levels, send it to us because we may post those.