I hear it all the time and frankly its disrespectful. I’m sure you hear it all the time too and have become so accustomed to it, that you don’t even realize that it is an issue.

Every time there is something racial that occurs by a White person, there is a group of Black people who feel obligated to defend them.

For example:

“Why do we care about White people using the N word, when we use it more”

“Why do we care about police officers killing us, when we kill ourselves”

“Well the little boy shouldn’t have been playing with a gun in the first place. Where are his parents?”


Stop it.


The conditions that Black people live in are due to the legal limitations placed on them, by the racist politicians over the last 20 generations. IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT

They use the N word because it was forced on them during the last 20 generations. IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT.

Little kids play with toy guns because this country has been at war since it’s inception, therefore the last 20 generation of kids (Black, White or otherwise) have been infatuated by them. IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT.

These little pockets of ignorant people also don’t realize that defending their oppressor has been passed down for the last 20 generations, therefore, I won’t blame them either, but the lessn to take away is this:

Do your research. If an entire group of people are doing a certain thing, maybe they have been herded to do so. Research twice as much as you offer your opinion. At the very least, an educated opinion is worth much more than repeating the same thing that was passed down to you from the last 20 generations. If you do your research, likely you will find out that what you know to be “truth” IS WRONG!


– Know Thyself