There’s been a long history within racism, white supremacy or blaming the oppressed for their oppression. Even if this blame is without merit it is still prevalent. During forced chattel human enslavement and mass American genocide, they said the humans were savage (although this is clearly not justification). When countless Black people were lynched across the America’s they said it was rape or disrespect. When the Black Panthers were strategically dismantled, they said they were militant. Now, in America when a new Black person is slaughtered by law enforcement every 28 days, its because they “thought” the person was a threat.

At what point does this stop?

It is not the fault of the oppressed for their living conditions, many were forced into slums as soon as they came to the city from the country.

It is not the fault of the oppressed that their unemployment rate is almost twice the size of the rest of the population, they were branded as jobless before they were even old enough to get a job.

It is not the fault of the oppressed that their neighborhoods have been plagued with drugs, these drugs were forced on them and chemically balanced to cause their addiction to be stronger.

As I always state, if you have to play the dangerous blame game, make sure you know who to appropriately blame. Do your research before opening your mouth about the ailments of the oppressed. If you can’t do that, don’t offer an opinion at all.

-Know Thyself