Rodney King’s infamous words, “Can we all just get along” is often heard when there is a discrepancy amongst people. Usually this discrepancy has racial tones. For some reason, there are many people who believe that we should just get over racism, slavery, racial injustice etc, simply because it was some time ago. These people tend to think that the constant racial incidents that plague news headlines are isolated incidents that do not have a global racial merit. All of these people are wrong. To face the hypocrisy, most of those same people would not say the same in that the Jews should just get over their holocaust or stop making movies and putting up museums every year.

We can’t all just get along because we are fed different truths in many different ways. More affluent people in our society do not understand impoverished people. They learn about them from the TV and think to themselves that they get government assistance and should never complain. They tend to believe that these people are just having babies to get rich and that they have the same opportunities as everyone else so they must just be a lazy bunch. These affluent people do not understand that the welfare system is designed to keep these people poor, that these impoverished people live in food deserts, where fresh food is scare, yet fast food is plenty. They seem not to understand that these people live in a cycle that is encouraged to remain the same by the same brainwashed people in the cycle, along with the media and social structure around them.


Impoverished people tend to think that the middle class who moved “out the hood” have nice homes and cars therefore they must have nice money. They’re educated and send their kids to “good” schools so they must think they are better. Not realizing that the nice car, clothes and house costs almost all of their paycheck.

Now, let’s add the racial issue.

People of all races (including Black) think that Black people have the same opportunity that White people do and attend the same schools, therefore they shouldn’t have any complaints. Even a Black person became the leader of the free world which consists of Blacks, Whites and all of the colors in between so there can be no racism. These people do not realize that the civil rights movement wasn’t just about being able to spend money in a white establishment. The civil rights movement helped break the laws (yes laws) that stated that Black people could not have certain businesses, buy certain real estate, live in certain areas, get certain loans, obtain certain degrees, etc. Although slavery was stated to end in 1865, Black people are still being enslaved in 2014 (see private prisons with astronomical Black populations, Black neighborhoods currently closed off from proper resources or city opportunity, the mass amount of Black people being legally killed by law enforcement throughout the USA).

People of all colors, when referring to the state of Black America, never mention the 500 year head start that White people had over Black people in this country. They do not mention that the white people now are the grandchildren of the white people who forbade Black people in this country to have rights. They fail to mention what has caused the Black ghettos of America to be Black ghettos of America. They never mention how White people have put Black people in the situation that they’re in, but they always mention how Black people need to fix it themselves. We are two generations from Jim Crow. TWO. This means that those people who went through the many unjust laws that were rampant across America are still alive today. This means that those Black people who refused to speak up for themselves because all of their leaders who did were murdered in public, with no remorse, still remember. Everyone wants to criticize a 500 year mess made by White people, yet expect Black people to fix it in two generations. Many of these people know bits and pieces of this information, so when they approach each other, they disagree on one or more of these valid points.

This is why, we all can’t just get along.

-Know Thyself