by: A.R.T.

Once again, the hypocrisy of white America has revealed its true nature. The public put pressure on the NFL in these domestic violence disputes. To lesson the ills, they hired four women as advisors to domestic violence.
One of whom was appointed the vice president of social responsibility. Quick and firm action is what the NFL said is needed to better understand what women go through as far as domestic violence is concerned. They acted as if they couldn’t imagine a world where a peer group wasn’t involved in the handling of domestic violence cases. After all, domestic violence is violence.


When Black America continuously get gunned down by police officers, why not this same quick and abrupt action. Like the NFL, shouldn’t a peer group of these victims be involved in the settling of violent murder cases. This week in Ohio a grand jury acquitted a police officer for murdering John Crawford, a Black man attempting to by a BB gun in Wal-Mart. The public thought is was so ridiculous that the NFL couldn’t get its hands on the surveillance video. Is the same public so naïve to think that the jury couldn’t get their hands on that surveillance video? After all, it was Wal-Mart. Where was his peers in this acquittal scenario. Either white America realizes the pathetic-ism in this, or are totally incapable of empathy when pertaining to Black America. Either way is completely unacceptable. In the near future, I hope light can be shed on these injustices. But, it seems pretty clear that they haven’t and will never care about Black America. The only way to right this ship is for us, Black people to be involved in the settling of these murder cases.