With America being a White country founded on racist principles, there is no surprise that the country did not acknowledge most other cultures for another 200 years after its independence. Currently celebrations for non-white cultures occur almost monthly every single year. This leaves some to pose the question, what about a White history month? It sounds strange, but during every Black History Month, at least one person will pose it, be it out ignorance or annoyance. Either way, let’s take some time to address this.

Most states require a child to begin traditional schooling by the first grade. In every curriculum, there is a requirement to learn about money (the faces adorned with past White presidents), the American Revolution (White America’s fight with its mother White country), America’s founding fathers (faces of past White presidents), the Civil War (White America’s fight with itself), etc. When a child begins to learn about inventors, all of them will learn about, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Eli Whitney, the Wright Brothers and Benjamin Franklin. Every child in America will leave elementary school knowing about all of the great White contributions made to America, while other cultures contributed slim to nothing.

Other cultures were only given a day, a week, or a month because they protested hard and often for them. This was their first attempt to even see their own faces within the contribution to America. Originally the thought was to open a door to equality, but somehow these cultures have been shut to their specific time frame and no more. When we do reach these specific dates given to another culture, we are restricted to the same characters each and every year. As if there were only a handful of people in every other culture who contributed to the American country.

How about when someone poses the question, “what about White history month?”, we pose a more important one, “what about including every culture along with their contributions in every curriculum across the country?”. Most controversial situations are usually asking the wrong question all together, as we see in our post today. Find any person on the streets of America and ask them to name 5 inventors? How many of them are non-white?

America would not be the country it is now, if not for the contributions of Africans, its original inhabitants, as well as every other culture who gives it its customs. So why not give them their just due? EVERYDAY.

-Know Thyself