I came across this article from a re-post on Facebook. Some of the items in the list I have read up on before, while others I hadn’t really thought about. Some, I think are stereotypical items that only people who do not hang around young Black boys would believe. Number fluffing has been an incredibly deceitful tool in propaganda journalism and author Antwan Sargent gives you an incredible view into reality. Check out the list of 7 below and the full article here.

  1. There are more African American males in prison than in college
  2. African American males believe academic achievement means “acting white”
  3. Less than 50% of African American males graduate from high school
  4. African American males don’t go to college
  5. African American student athletes graduate at higher rates than their non-athlete Black peers
  6. African American male students have the same opportunities as their peers
  7. African American male students are under-achievers.

-Know Thyself