Some people feel that it is necessary for a single mother, who has had to carry the load of raising a child alone, to celebrate Father’s Day. Some kids give their moms gifts, some women celebrate by telling their female friends Happy Father’s Day, and some women just proclaim that they are indeed mother and father. Although there is a great appreciation for parents who take on the great responsibility of raising their offspring alone, we must first consider a few things.

Do We Really Need to Celebrate These Holidays

Usually, I do not place too much interest in discussing any Hallmark holiday, but I do have a natural interest in Appreciation Holidays. A day set aside to say “Hey, I appreciate you”. (I must note that this could be done any day of the week without money or gifts) All appreciation holidays come attached with a title of whom to appreciate. In this case, it is fathers. With that being said, a Father’s Day would be to celebrate a father. If there is not a father, usually there is still a friend, uncle, cousin, etc. Of course, to celebrate is a choice, so there could also be no celebration at all. Mothers in all of their awesomeness get a day as well, no matter how many roles they take. But.. again the celebration of a holiday is personal, so to each its own.

A Mother Can Never be a Father

Part of any person’s success lies within their personal balance. There is an obvious flow of disruption in an unbalanced child/person. One of the first places we receive this balance is through the men and the women around us. Both are required. Not only to conceive, but also to give balance. Although a woman may have to almost kill herself to provide as if she is both parents, she still cannot give off the energy of a man (and vice versa). Proclaiming to do so, will only confuse the child even further.

Does this Topic Require a Debate

As stated in an earlier post, some things should not even be debatable, if they are only a manner of opinion. Do not allow topics such as these to overshadow your thoughts of a person or their worthiness in parenthood, because in the end, it is still a simple Hallmark Holiday. You should truly show the people you love appreciation every chance you get, although I’m sure they would enjoy an extra token of appreciation at any time.

But Let’s Not Get Off Track

This may be a fun topic to discuss, but let us not be strayed from real issues, that require real solutions.

-Know Thyself