Have you ever started a disagreement calm and open minded, yet ended it in frustration and a high pitch voice? It can be difficult to discuss a view point with someone without it going in the wrong direction. This is where understanding the concept of an argument and a debate comes in.

Typically in a debate:

  • Participants have opposing viewpoints to a fact
  • Participants approach the argument with intellect
  • Participants are concerned with persuading the opposing party to understand or accept their view
  • Participants are polite and respectable

Typically in an argument:

  • Participants typically have opposing opinions to a situation
  • Participants approach the argument with their personal feelings
  • Participants are more concerned with being heard
  • Participants allow their emotions to control their response and tone

If you find yourself in a disagreement with someone, first ask if they want to argue their point or debate it. If they are more concerned with arguing their point or appear to follow the argument bullet points above, ask yourself if you want to continue the discussion and proceed appropriately.

If your opposing party states that they want to debate, first ask yourself and the party if you have enough facts to do so. If not, you may want to revisit the discussion at a later time.

After a disagreement with an opposing party, you should both be able to walk away with respect and dignity. If you cannot walk away in that manner, you must consider your own approach to dealing with a disagreement. There are certain people that you should never allow yourself to get into a disagreement with. You have the power to decline the disagreement or bow out gracefully whenever you feel as if nothing will get accomplished.

This is very important in person, as well as on social media. People tend to become upset with their opposing party and the conversation turns into a rant fest. Let’s stop the madness and because you can never truly control another person, we can only start with ourselves.

– Know Thyself