Slavery was not a joke. No matter how much people tend to simplify the word, there is no easy way to digest that all prosperous European countries were made that way by the rape, torture, kidnapping, terrorism and genocidal acts to other human beings.

  • Sagging came about (contrary to popular belief) from poor Black families having to recycle clothing amongst their kin.
  • Soul food came about from enslaved Black people making something tasteful out of kitchen scraps.
  • Black face came about from racists demeaning Black people.
  • Dancing (and drums) is cultural and has been a part of Black people since the beginning of time.
  • Rap music came out of the creativity of mixing genres and the stories that it produced spoke of the (Black) struggle
  • The N word came about from Blacks being ridiculed by Whites

Poor people of all races can talk about being poor, but only Black people can understand being poor while trying to keep sane in a global racist system. Only Black people can understand the toll that stress (caused by racism) has on every generation’s health. Only Black people can understand defending (or feeling embarrassed) by people you don’t even know all because society has grouped you by skin color. Only Black people have to worry about their little boys being misunderstood by a police officer and ending up in jail or dead without any justice (we’re talking about the rule, not the exception). Only Black people feel embarrassed by slavery although they were not responsible for it. Only Black people have to teach their kids their history outside of school, because it is completely negated within the school system.

Clearly, we could go on all day.



There is no way anyone can understand the brainwashing and terror that has globally affected a Black person, except another Black person, therefore we do not need to continue to explain. We can start to understand a slave comedy after we’ve seen a holocaust (White on White crime) comedy. We can start to talk about one unified culture after the world admits its role in the genocide, kidnap, rape and slaughter of Africans around the world. After the kids history books show that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson all participated in the genocide of Africans around the world.

So, after the world endures that pain, struggle and the story that is (what is now called) Black, maybe at that point you mimic what you will (not until) then understand.

-Know Thyself