People thought government assistance was a good thing. A continued habit of getting free food, shelter and health services has shifted a culture of people to become and remain co-dependent for their vey needs of survival. This is not to state that one shouldn’t rely on the help of government assistance, but this is to state that government assistance should NOT be the primary source of supplying your needs.


The very people who tend to think it is ridiculous to buy $100 worth of groceries with cash believe that its okay t spend $100 on one pair of tennis shoes.

The very people who tend to think they don’t want to pay for medical expenses, get exploited with the information of their STD status at the free clinic.

The very people who tend to look down on living with family members to save money, can’t afford decent shelter.

There once was a time when people took care of each other until they were able to take care of themselves. Entire neighborhoods would build the houses, watch the children and care for the old. Now that society has developed this “Independent” image while simultaneously providing the food, shelter and basic healthcare that the average person needs, the thought process has completely changed.

What will happen the day the government decides that it has run out of funds to supply the public? How self sufficient will most people be?

We can all thrive to become more self sufficient. When we have the ability to control our basic needs such as food, shelter and healthcare, we can then control our lives.

Try growing your food and doing a co-op with your neighbors.

Save the land your family owns or find a way to agree to collectively acquire land for your descendants.

Take charge of your health by being active, eating better and avoiding the slow poison of drugs (legal and illegal).

Small changes today make an impactful progression for the future. Let’s focus on our needs before thinking about our wants.

–Know Thyself