So many news stories, reports and even Black people themselves will repeat like robots, how there is a Black on Black crime problem. There are many statistics that will be uttered in attempt to justify this so-called problem, but as usual it is all a tool steer the masses into paint a tainted image of Black skin. Yes, many Black people themselves will unknowingly pick up a brush to paint this tainted image as well. If one would use intellect in decoding the figures given in attempt to perpetuate this image, the understanding would be clear. If one would use intellect in understanding that the Black on Black problems is the same as any race on race problem the image would also be clear. Yet, to expect intellect is too much, when comprehension is the last thing taught in the educational system, while repeating facts which are really glorified opinions) is an educational norm. So, let’s look at the Black on Black crime myth in another light.

Is there a White on Black crime statistic?

If any minute study is done on White on Black crime, you would find this also in great alarming numbers. Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis are not isolated cases. The only difference is that you will not get government (tax payers) funds to do this research nor will any major news corporation pick it up. Small groups and organizations here and there have to compile the data themselves to see that almost every day a Black person is killed by an authority figure. Does this show that there is a problem? How can we have millions in research done on Black on Black crime, yet mere thousands (or less) to study crimes against Blacks by non- Blacks and/or authority figures. We have not even included the rate of murders inside the legal slavery system (penal system).

Does White on White crime not exist?

Every single year we are reminded, in one way or another, about the horrible crime that White people committed against themselves called “the holocaust”.  There is no holocaust museum for the genocide that White people have committed against Blacks, there is not even a movie. Even though, the crime against Blacks is at unbelievable numbers and the genocide has occurred in the most inhumane ways even unimaginable, we are only reminded of “the holocaust” but it is never coined White on White crime.  When a White person slaughters innocent people in a movie theater or a school, this is also not considered a White on White crime. When the great state of Alaska is raping their women by the thousands, this is also not considered White on White crime.

Are there reasons for Black on Black crime?

Most murders (can be evidenced on the First 48) occur by people who live amongst themselves. Most murders, are one time flukes by someone who was angry at another person for any given reason and the incident occurs. So as with any other neighborhood, people generally live amongst those who are like themselves (race, economic class, social status) which provides them with a greater opportunity to have a disparity with those same people. If you can provide evidence of a great number of Black people seeking out other Black people just for the kill, then this would justify Black on Black crime. Also, as much as people hate to face reality, racism (white supremacy) plays a massive role in Black people being able to, and wanting to kill each other. You must first understand racism, in order to understand that.

The Takeaway

This is not to insinuate that Black on Black crime is not a problem. It is a problem right in line with White on Black crime, White on White crime and racism along with many other issues. Let’s not isolate this issue which perpetuates the image of Black people being evil. No one should need evidence to know that the crimes against Black people are far more advanced and far more prevalent than crimes against themselves. If you know enough Black people you will witness this on a regular basis.

Do not continue to let the media distort your thought process. Include comprehension in your daily life, because you will certainly be lost without it.


Know Thyself