The human mind, body and soul have but one ultimate purpose, which is survival. Poverty stricken individuals are easily led to remain without once their survival mechanisms are taken away. For example:

• Not being able to obtain adequate housing
• Not being able to get a job
• No access to healthy food
• Poor access to healthcare
• Poor education

When people are left without their basic need for survival, their entire existence is fixated on meeting those needs. Governmental assistance does a great job of leading the horse with a carrot, because so many of these needs are always just within the poor mans grasp, but hardly ever received. All people can benefit if they simply change their frame of mind. Instead of focusing on a specific job or career field, each should focus on what they can do with their hands as well as what they can do with their minds.

Some educated people believe that manual labor is beneath them, but we have all witnessed what can happen to an educated person in the recession. Some uneducated people believe that all they can do is survive through the day, week or month, when the larger goal must be considered. Although it is hard to imagine a future when you are simply trying to survive, you must in order to help those who come after you.

Devise your plan

Everyone has talents. Not just one, but more than one. So what are yours? What extreme idea can you think up that most cannot? Can you write, build or paint? Can you sing, act or play an instrument? Can you solve problems easily, connect people, create analytical plans? Whatever your mind talent is, hone in on it and do this career wise or freelance. The more people that know about your talent, the more opportunities you have to display it for a fee. The more you express your talent, the better you will get at it, which in turn means your fee can increase.

What can you do with your hands? Electrical, plumbing, mechanic, gardening, landscaping, cooking, cleaning etc. All of these things are a must for others on a more than regular basis. Why don’t you trade a a trade with a friend and also make money doing it? Remember, the more you practice your trade, the better you will be and the more you can charge for a fee.

Don’t plan to do it. Do it.

When you get in a habit of taking care of yourself with both your mind AND your body, you will be recession proof. Trying to catch the carrot over your head will no longer be a necessity.



-Know Thyself