There is no future without the past

The young do not understand the old and at the same time the old do not understand the young. The changes that occur over time have something to do with that, but it has more to do with the young not growing up with the old. Neither age group can understand each other’s problems because they believe they do not relate to their owns. Review the disparities below:

Youth Problems

Elder Problems

Influenced by Entertainment


Lack of income/Increased Expenses

Declining Health Issues

Self absorbed


Peer pressure

Healthcare and Prescription drug issues


Housing issues

Drug Abuse

Planning for demise


Issues that must also be considered are that the elders are becoming younger or acting younger, while the youth are attempting to grow up to fast. Many people do not appreciate where they are in life and instead focus on where they want to be. Our ancestors had less problems with quality of life, because they knew and operated in a fashion of every generation working together on a daily basis. There were no youth/elder problems, only community problems and collectively the youth/elders solved those problems. In order for each generation to appreciate each other today, they must spend a quality amount of time with each other. More emphasis must be placed on these groups socializing with one another. This may be achieved with family functions, through volunteer organizations or by simply building an appreciation for one another. There is always something you can do NOW to improve your quality of life which simultaneously improving the universe.

Things you can do now to bridge the gap:

  • Create social events for your youth/elder organization to meet another elder/youth organization
  • Open the dialogue to random youth/elders that you see on a regular basis
  • Encourage others to do the same
  • Speak at youth/elder organization
  • Invite youth/elder to events
  • Work towards solving one of the youth/elder problems listed above
  • Encourage others to do the same

Take action today with a few of these ideas of bridging the gap. Please comment of any other ideas that you may think will work. Starting proactive positive solutions today, ensures that we will have a proactive positive future. Do not delay!

Know Thyself