There are innumerable problems within the Black community. All of these problems are the result of Racism, yet Black scholars, leaders and the conscious community spend a massive amount of time arguing about the cause of the problem rather than solving the problem. (Of course, that is a result of racism too) If you consider yourself an intellectual, you should be well versed on your history enough to know what the problems are and the root of those. Do not allow petty differences such as different religions, different viewpoints, age gaps and different neighborhoods be the ONLY reason you cannot work to solve the problems within the community. Do not disrespect the very people who are impoverished and brainwashed, due to the system that you are trying to fight. If you find yourself susceptible to these types of disagreements, do a self assessment prior to any further consultation.

  • Why do you disagree with your brother/sister?
  • Can you agree on ANYTHING with your brother/sister? If so, what?
  • Can you work solely on a project that you both agree to?

If after asking yourself those questions, you find no way to work with that person. Stop there. Do not spread ill of their work. Do not resort to name calling. Move along until you CAN find someone or some other organization that you can work with.

There needs to be ONE focus amongst our intellectuals and that is the collective improvement of our community. If that is not or cannot be your goal, we do not need you in this fight.

-Know ThyselfGolden Circle