Racism is an ugly word, but most people do not understand what it is or what it really means. It is not hate, it is not a “racial” slur and it is not a cross burning. It is a sophisticated power system operated to disenfranchise an entire group of people. Simply defined racism = white supremacy.

Let’s break down these terms.

First, the word, race, itself is confusing enough. We have come to know it as a cultured or geographical group of people, when in all actuality, it is a misnomer. As far as humans are concerned there is only the human race. All people come from one genetic strand from the middle of Africa. Every group of people, no matter the skin tone, are simple migrations and adaptations to their resting environment. But for the sake of explanation, we will use race in its cultural and geographical term.

Racism = white supremacy simply explains the system structure put in place to benefit one group of people (White) while simultaneously disenfranchising another group of people (Black). This is why it is termed, “white supremacy” because the system of racism was created to give this group of people the maximum power and control.

White supremacy was designed at the same time the word, race was coined. Prior to 16th century, most persons were titled according to their place of origin. The simplicity of disenfranchising people on the basis of skin tone alone was necessary for the gold mine that was the slave trade. Discrimination was already taken place all over the globe, but the European perfected it with white supremacy. All European powers were understood to follow the simple, color code and as he set out around the world, he imposed this same code on every conquered land.

Written and Understood systems alike were put in place to ensure that the darker your skin was, the more you saw this as a burden. It is evident that this system was effective within both the Black and White communities and still to this day. It is a very effective system that has psychologically affected every generation. Once this system has been instilled in your mind, you naturally pass it down to your offspring and every one you come in contact with.

Examples of what Racism Was
The Paper bag test
Slave codes and laws
Civil rights era

People unknowingly believe that the racist system is over and now we only have to deal with a few exceptions, but this is far from the case. Every image you see has been conceived with racism in mind. Every symbol you are exposed to is doing the same. Look at the movies and television shows to see how Black or darker skinned persons are portrayed. Listen to the music and read the newspaper articles. This system meets you every way in which you turn and therefore affects all children before they are even able to talk. In generation after generation, self hate is passed down to and by the people with the darkest skin tones. This causes the entire group of people to argue amongst each other as oppose to collectively attacking the Real Problem.

Examples of what Racism Is
The War on Drugs
Unemployment rate
Drop out rate

Author, Neely Fuller often says “If you do not understand white supremacy (racism) – what it is and how it works- everything else that you understand will only confuse you.

The first step to liberation is understanding what racism really is and making sure that everyone you come in contact with understands it as well. The problems within the Black community are not their own. They are imposed problems created and left for them to deal with, while being ill-equipped. There is no such thing as reverse racism because anyone who is dealing with the disenfranchised effects of the system, is just responding to the burden that was put in place.

Self Love and Self Respect are the first principles that you must learn to embrace. Then do the same for your fellow brothers and sisters. If you are not helping to eradicate the system of White supremacy (racism), you are helping to enforce it.

Know Thyself