In the old world, or before the Europeans started the calendar over (i.e. Year 1), your ancestors valued women with very high regard. She birthed the world and she birthed existence, therefore the only way to enter the world is through her. Even after death, the body is dissolved by her. You will find in ancient Egypt, when there were only people of color, if there was a God figure, there was always a Goddess figure. The two need each other to be whole. Also in ancient Egypt, the king would wear a crown while his equal adorned a throne a top her crown. Just as through birth, the only way to get to the throne was through her. Westerners called this a matrilineal system, but those who have not yet killed their internal spirit can feel that this is the law of nature/life.

Europeans did not have this sense of understanding. While the Africans were focused on civilization, the Europeans were more concerned with survival than enlightenment. Therefore, physical strength was viewed as a more dominant trait. You will find that the European pays his ancestral homage to the Greeks and they did not begin to civilize until thousands of years after the Africans. Even after the European began to read, write, build cities and create laws, his way off thinking did not change in regards to his women. When copying the Africans sacred scripts, the woman was completely written out of the religious text as a God figure and the laws were written to restrict her more than her equal man.

Fast forward  to the 15th century. The European has finally learned to circumnavigate the world and at the same time has perfected the use of the gun as his weapon of choice. He then set out to rule the world with his fellow men and along with it, impose his way of life on every other culture. No other cultures were influenced to demote the value of the women quite like that of the European, but after centuries of oppression we find in modern times that this has changed.

After the successful colonization of America it was physically written or nationally understood that women could not work, could not think, could not oppose the man. Although she was still the nurturer and teacher of the nation of every conquered colony, this was to be looked upon as a miniscule feat. This thought was imposed on other cultures, but these cultures would still value their women. European women eventually went through their movements when it became obvious that no country could be ran without them (for example, through world wars and local famine). Therefore, a new tool was necessary to impose this thought, which then emerged propaganda.

Propaganda proved to be a success in Nazi Germany and has been used effectively since. People feel more comfortable with an idea if they feel they thought it themselves. Women began being positioned as maids and sex kittens, which is also a subservient role, all with smiles on their faces. It took about 50 years, but women everywhere and of every culture slowly caught on. They took charge of their sexual image and learned to make an income from it. Everyone, the women, the men, the public all seemed to love it and the little girls knew before they graduated elementary, that beauty conquered before brains would. This last era has infiltrated the thought of women loving the titles of “bitch” and “whore”. Now, women have been successfully reduced not only as non-equals, but now as non-humans, which further diminishes their value.

Men now, believe that they are superior while women believe the same because both have the illusion of being able to run a household alone. Women have condoned the image of being valued only by their looks, while men have condoned the image of appearing responsible, while sleeping around. Everyone seems to be confused. No one is seeing the whole picture. Each side is more complacent with pointing the finger at each other, than solving the problem internally THEN externally. To understand what is happening today, you must understand what has led up to today.

To solve this issue: Both sides must act like their equal parts. Not equal as slicing down the middle of a pie, but more like a yin and yang symbol. Where one is weak, the other is strong and vice versa. Together each side must equally give and receive the same amount of energy, respect, trust, loyalty and happiness. Do not wait for someone else to get it right. Be the change that you want to see and you will attract your other half.

Know Thyself