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Most Christians have no idea why a fish is one of their branded symbols. The fish symbol is only second to the cross. (Then again, most Christians have no idea how many people were killed if they didn’t convert, which is why most people practice the religion today.) However, like everything else occurring in society today, history explains all.
Some churches have a response to this curiosity. They will tell you something along the lines of “Roman Persecution.” Well, what does that mean?
The truth is actually pretty simple, if you can follow the break down below. In attempt to add to the simplicity, most scientific words have been left out.

Our ancient ancestors were universal experts. Literally. The universe was researched, recorded and analyzed. Re-researched, understood and appreciated. Observed, investigated and documented. We first created the scientific method and then advanced it to exact science.


The earth spins continuously on its own tilted axis, which takes approximately 24 hours (a day). What we call zodiac signs are actually grouped constellations in different parts of the universe. It takes tilted Earth approximately 26,000 years to circle around a true north and south position or for it’s axis to pass through each of those symbols.

Our ancestors have determined all grouped constellations and have given names and symbols for each. A lot of the names have changed over time due to the different languages that have developed over time, yet the images have remained pretty much the same. Aquarius is water, Pisces is a fish, Aries is a ram and Taurus is a bull.

When you divide the 26,000 by 12, which is how many zodiac constellations there are, you get an answer to about 2,166. It takes approximately that many years for the earth’s tilt (vernal equinox) to pass through a constellation group. This activity was symbolized, by ancient people, through the appreciation of the constellation’s image (not the worship). Outsiders or those who are not scholars (which required at least 40 years of instruction) did not and do not understand this important part. They simply took the advise of the scholars (which is what happens today) without a full understanding.

During the constellation of Taurus the bull was a very important symbol. During the constellation of Aries, the ram was a very important symbol. During the constellation of Pisces, the fish was a very important symbol. Now, we have just entered the age of Aquarius, which would mean that the water symbol is very important.

There is a scripture in the bible, where the people were still showing appreciation for the (golden) calf, which was not in agreement with “god”. Moses came down from the mountain to destroy the calf. This was simply showing that the age had moved on and apparently the people were not aware. Currently things change all the time and we are not aware as to why, but we go with it anyway. For example, we have recently undergone a change in the dates of daylight savings time. No one really questions it, everyone just marks it on their calendar. We do not ask for an explanation of the science behind it.

golden calfWhen you attempt to do research it is very difficult to find the African origin behind this. The people explaining the science do not want you to see the connection and therefore only use Greek terms which will lead back to a Greek origin. Simple research will show you where the Greek attained all of their knowledge. Each of their noted philosophers studied in Egypt (right across the water) and neither of them made it completely through the educational system. This is why our current understanding of science is morphed; the so-called “teachers” didn’t get all of the information from their master teachers.

If you are a Christian, you should appreciate yet another amazing creation that your ancestors have given you.

Know Thyself