Over the thousands of years that man has been civilized on this living planet called Earth, there has been various assumptions regarding belief systems that target what is deemed the proper systematic order of life. While there are certain facts about human existence, civilization and the past, there is no one alive who has witnessed God making man in his image (or man making God in his image). One thing that is certain is that to have life is a gift and just as the animals obey the circle of life, thought provoking, able bodied humans should as well. How do you show appreciation for the gift? Leave the Earth better than when you inherited it. There are (at least)10 things that you can start doing right now and do every day.

10 – Reduce/Reuse/Recycle It is no longer a mystery what happens to human-made waste. There are two islands of trash hanging out in the middle of our oceans, which prove the deterioration that humans contribute to the planet.

9 – Clean up after yourself AND others Neighborhoods laden with trash do far more damage than a simple eyesore. It lowers property value, gives neighbors a sense of apathy and damages the soil. If you see trash, pick it up, regardless of if you placed it there. Then, ignite others to do the same.

8 – Listen to the Earth Just the same as listening to any other spirit that cannot be seen, listen to what the Earth is telling you. If the climate is swiftly changing, likely humans are affecting it. If there are too many stray animals, likely humans are not being responsible for them. If your soil is not fruitful, likely you are not tending to it. Do your part to respond to any agony that the planet has.

7 – Pay it Forward Unfortunately society has sold everyone the belief that in order to do anything in life , there must be something in it for you. This is simply not true. There is a natural uneven balance in people’s lives for a reason. We are supposed to help one another. Where one is strong, another is weak. Do not wait for your reward, just do what needs to be done, when it needs to.

6 – Plant seeds Literally. Began gardening, learning about soil and how to make the earth fruitful. The most independent person is dependent upon something and sadly most are dependent when it comes to their basic needs for survival: food, water and shelter. Be independent and grow your own food then teach others to do the same.

5 – Be the Inspiration Some people are naturally inspired while others aren’t. No matter which category you fall, be an inspiration to someone else. Even if you are having a bad day, smile and offer kind words to everyone that you pass. You never know what someone is going through and your words could likely help to improve someone’s day.

4 – Teach the Youth Society is failing the youth at an alarming rate. The old want to be young and the young want to be old. This causes the youth to lose respect and behave in an irresponsible manner. Everyone is an expert at something. Use that to teach the youth. It can simply be reading, addition, or subtraction, but let your own expertise be a gift for them. They will be able to pass it on after each generation, even after you are gone.

3 – Don’t trash talk No one is a saint and everyone has shortcomings. Don’t be the person to gain confidence at the expense of others. If you hate something, keep it to yourself. Ugly words chanted into society spews into the Earth and create an ugly universe. The Earth is always listening, remember it is alive. Therefore, do not degrade it with ugly words.  

2 – Shop local Large chain stores are great at offering low prices and may even appear to be an artificial help to those without, but the real community support comes from the local businesses. The businesses owners who live in the neighborhood they work are the ones who make the greatest contribution and should be the ones to receive your greatest support.

1 – Learn your history There is nothing far greater to giving back to the Earth than knowing where you come from, where your ancestors come from and how they survived on this living planet with less than you currently possess. Knowing your past will decrease any mistakes that you can make as well as the mistakes that could be made by the ones who come after you. Learning your past ensures that the Earth will still be a living planet well after you have rejoined it.

Know Thyself