debateMaybe it is not so easy to understand history. People tend to think history is names and dates. No wonder why most people go deaf upon the mention of facts. History is very important. To understand where you are going you have to know where you’ve been. Most people hear that and do not understand what it means. There is nothing new under the sun. Almost everything has happened before and if one took the time to learn the history, they would not make the same mistakes.

Whether you like history or not, you must learn to appreciate it as you should your ancestors. To understand history effectively, you must not only know dates and names, but also time frames, eras, and sometimes cause and effect. Without these, your history facts could actually become misconceptions.

For example:

Fact: Lincoln freed the enslaved in America.

Hearing this simple fact would cause one to believe that Lincoln was the savior of all enslaved because he freed them. What is not often discussed (especially in the American education system) is that slavery was about money and war. To release the enslaved had more to do with a southern economic impact as oppose to the rights of a people. In fact, government officials would frequently state that the Emancipation Proclamation DID NOT mean that Black people would be equal to White people.

There are things that cannot be stated as facts, but can be stated as true. One argument amongst historians is that of the great civilization called Egyptian. Some will argue that Egyptians were Black and some would argue that they were not (no one argues that they were White). There could be truth to either of those statements. The determining factor comes from the era in which the proposer is discussing. When the Egyptians (Kemetians) built the great pyramids (which still stand), monuments, and buildings, there were indeed all Black. Over time (thousands of years), the inhabitants of Egypt (Kmt) slowly changed in appearance and eventually became only of mixed race. If one is discussing a more recent Egypt (after its numerous invasions) you could then state that the inhabitants were mostly non Black, but it would then also be true that those inhabitants did not make any major contributions to the great  civilization that is called Egyptian.

History is always told in the eyes of someone and that someone could be biased according to their own agenda. Be aware when learning history and be cautious when debating. A debater can simply prove you wrong because you omitted one simple factor.

Know Thyself