The image on the screen displayed the coolest rap artists singing the hottest, latest song. Dressed in all black and adorned with custom gold chains, their perfect porcelain teeth gleamed. The greatest asset on the video was not the rappers though, because even with their rented chains, they were still simple. The most noticeable accessory in the video was the plethora of women shaking and gyrating. Their long weave tossed left and right as they put on a show for the simple rappers. Fishnets, leather and sometimes wearing simple underwear, the ladies were being bad b$tches. At least that was the name of the song that they danced too.
Janella and her friends were in awe. Barely in a training bra, the girls dreamed of the day they could toss long weave and wear too tall shoes. Janella’s friend assured her they could be just like the beautiful bad girls on the screen. They could easily record a video on her phone and put it online. Janella thought about it. She knew that her parents would be home from work soon and she wasn’t allowed to watch such a TV show, nor was she to have company in their absence. Her friend assured her that it would be an innocent joke. She glanced at the screen, the popular rap stars were pleased with these women. She knew if she would attract popular guys, she must act in the manner of these women sooner or later. She finally gave in.

It only took two days before her dad found out about the video. He was furious. He yelled at her about her actions. Maybe the video wasn’t such a good idea, but her dad must have known that times have changed. If she was going to be a bad b$tch, she must be willing to gyrate on camera for all of the popular boys to see. Once the boys noticed, all the girls would want to be like her too. Her dad just didn’t understand. Apparently, Janella didn’t understand either as a belt lashed across her backside.

She couldn’t believe it. Her dad insisted that if she wanted to record bad behavior, she could also record consequences for bad behavior. If she didn’t remember the butt whipping, she would be able to see it on video just as she had her premature dancing skills.

Janella spent the rest of the evening locked away in her room. She felt like a victim. All over the world it was okay for women to dress half-naked, to pop and shake for men, but her dad acted as if she did something wrong. He punished her unjustly. Janella just had to do something about it. She grabbed the phone and dialed those safe three digits. She explained to the nice lady on the phone that she had been a victim of child abuse and that she had the footage to prove it. She didn’t dare utter a word to her dad.

A few moments later the doorbell rang. Janella sat patiently in her room. She heard a scuffle. Her mom yelled for her to come to the front door. Just as she expected, there were two men in blue uniform awaiting her arrival. Her dad looked angrily at her. She explained to the men that everything she told the nice lady was true. She grabbed the video to show them. The officers didn’t need to see anymore. Her dad was asked to turn around, but he resisted. He told them that he could discipline his daughter as he saw fit. The officers didn’t agree. They tasered him to calm him down and made their arrest. In awe, Janella’s dad realized that it was never intended for him to raise his daughter, but voluntarily or involuntarily she would be raised by the state. Her future would be in their hands. He glanced at his daughter one last time. She showed no remorse.

As her dad was taken away and her mom sat on the couch stunned, Janella couldn’t help but think that she had won. She was free to do whatever she needed to do to be the image that women now possessed. She was going to be a bad b$tch, and now, no one could stop her.