Touchy subject right?

Let’s get straight to the facts.

It is said that slavery ended in the US following the end of the civil war and enslaved Africans were to live next to their oppressors in harmony. We know that was impossible.

At that time interracial relationships (miscegenation) were against the law. It was a felony. Anti miscgenation laws were not ruled unconstitutional in the US until 1962. Because love has no skin color there were many Black and White consensual couples. A White man with a Black woman was generally accepted, but a Black man with a White woman was punishable by death. In every southern state following the civil war, Black men were being hung, drug, burned and stoned for having a consensual relationship with a White woman. This was called rape.

At first, White men would gang against any Black man found to have one of these relationships, but the trend became so popular, that if a white woman was caught having an affair with a Black man, she would automatically yell rape, even if undisputed evidence proved otherwise.

Then, if you fast forward to the 20th century, Black men all across the south were sentenced to jail for supposedly raping White women. There are men, to this day being exonerated after decades of imprisonment because of these false accusations.

For so long, Black men were physically forced not to date White women and so again we pose the correlation: Black men and White women.

Another point to consider – Religion

A huge percentage of Black men are Christians or at least share many Christian beliefs. In almost EVERY physical representation of the son (sun) god is a white man and the depiction of his perfect, virgin mother. The image of Christianity shows that everything considered angelic is white while everything demonic is Black (which happens to be the same color of the heaven and the earth).

A Christian must aspire to walk like their mother, Mary and their father, Jesus. So essentially, in the subconscious of some minds, to be with a woman like your Christian mother, would lead you closer to your desired Christian afterlife.

Unbeknownst to most Black people, Jesus (as well as all ancient gods) were always depicted as Black, until about 1517, when Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to paint him as White. The virgin Mary whose first name was Madonna, has always and still is depicted as a Black woman holding her Black son. Madonna can still be found in most countries (that are not American) and is the same image that the Pope in Rome (all of them) bow and pray to.

Again we pose the correlation: Black men and White women

Everyone has their own ideas about the correlation between Black men and White women, but these two are very seldom discussed. Not many will revert to history or a deep rooted psychological consideration, although these notions always present a better understanding of what is going on today.

Think before Acting

Know Thyself