Many historians boast about slavery being apart if ancient history. They’ll also gladly tell you that Africans sold themselves into slavery so they can share the blame. What most historians will NOT tell you is the most important part, that the meaning of slavery has changed.

All ancient civilizations had slavery, long before the Arabs or Europeans decided to enslave an entire continent of innocent indigenous Africans, however a slave then was not what you call a slave now.

Slavery then was an agreement to repay a debt, or a sentence for wrongdoing, or prisoner of war (war is also not the same as it was). Slavery then, meant that you were still a person, had rights and raised your family. You were still accepted in society while you worked off your term. The slavery that the Arab and the European introduced when kidnapping innocent Africans was inhumane, something that at the time, had never been heard of. Slavery under the Arab and European meant kidnap, rape and murder. It meant stud farms, baby factories and medical experiments. The horrible inhumane treatment of mass humans are debted solely to the Arabs and Europeans. No one in ancient times, neither African, nor indigenous American, nor indigenous Australian knew that given over their prisoner of war would result in some type of sick, inhumane treatment. By the time that either of these civilizations realized what was happening to their people, it was too late.

Perhaps, we need new names, for the different types of slavery so that one can easily differentiate between the two. I propose the following:

Ancient slavery – termed sentence
Arab and European slavery – monstrous bondage

-Know thyself