From as young as the age of two, a baby knows a long list of the things he wants to buy;a riding toy to play with, a pillow pet to nap with and Mc Donald’s for lunch. Its no wonder why as an adult your paycheck is spent before you receive it. This mind-set is creating generations of consumers, where oyr greatest aspirations are to acquire more tangible, material things.

Instead of deciding where to spend your money, use your time to decide how to make more money. The U.S. Has a very high unemployment rate snd that rate is more than twice as high for Black people. It’s time to get back to the basics.

1. Save more money than you spend.
• Savings accounts accrue interest and CD’s even more.
• Having more disposable income will eliminate the need for credit. • Have you ever heard of a rainy day?

2. Learn to make money using nothing but your hands.
• Learn a trade if you don’t already know one.
• This will make more than it costs.

3. Teach your kids how to do the same.
• Children do not have to wait until adulthood to learn and adhere to these steps. • The earlier these steps are learned, the easier they will be to apply.

4. Start a business or simply a side gig.
• This will help when you are in between jobs.
• This will also help with unexpected expenses.

If you become s producer instead of a consumer, surviving the next recession will be an immediate guarantee.

-Know Thyself