Hate murders against Blacks have occurred all over American soil. Some of the largest are Tulsa holocaust, Colfax Massacre and Omaha Race Riot. In 1919 alone, there were about 25 instances where mobs of white people murdered, attacked and stole from Black people. And there are people who have the audacity to ask “can we all just get along”. Black people have been trying to get alone and have been bullied consistently (this is where bullying in America comes from).

The first definition of reconcile is to reestablish a close relationship. The prefix ‘re’ itself means to do again. At which point throughout history have Black and White people lived together in harmony with no negative race relation? It has not happened.

There are some who believe that everything is just peachy now and all of those irreconcilable differences are in the past. This is true… until another White cop kills another unarmed Black teen (which is currently occurring monthly throughout the United States). Until another White celebrity thinks it is okay to publicly use the ‘n’ word or refer to any women as being ‘nappy headed’.

The reason why these instances are such a huge deal throughout America is due to the fact that there has never, in the history of America, been harmony between the descendants of mass murderers and enslaved Africans.

All races should live in harmony side by side with their differences intact, but what is keeping this from happening?

The answer is… LIES.

All youth are taught that slavery was not that bad, and that Africans sold themselves. This is hardly removing an inch of dust from the truth. Once the entire country can teach its past with truth, just as George Washington did with that cherry tree (pun intended), then unity can begin. Once the monetary value of slaves has been returned to its proper owner then unity can begin. Once the entire country is equally taught the true ugly of slavery, including the daily rapes, the medical experiments, the baby farms, then and only then can this country move forward in unison.

It does seem unlikely, but it is not impossible. But until then, hold your horses and continue along this bumpy ride.

Know Thyself.