The Liberation flag which is also called the RBG (Red, Black, Green) Flag is the flag of the African Diaspora. Some believe that it may belong to a certain nation, but this is not true. Marcus Garvey created this flag so that all Black people around the world could pay an allegiance to it.

Black people are scattered throughout the world, on every continent, in every city, not understanding that they are the same as each other. Because of this, Marcus Garvey sought to bring about unison through his group, UNIA (United Negro Improvement Association).

The flag is just as important today as it was during its inception. More recently added was a gold trim. The gold is for the wealth of the African people that they have been robbed of for the last several centuries. The Red, Black and Green of the flag is best explained by Garvey’s wife:

This Flag of Mines by Amy Jacques Garvey

Regardless of what is told of it,
Here’s to this flag of mine
The Red, Black and Green
Hopes in its future bright
Africa has seen.
Here’s to the Red of it,
Great nations shall know of it
In time to come.
Red blood shall flow of it,
Historians shall write of it,
Great flag of mine.
Here’s to the Black of it
Four hundred millions back of it,
Whose destiny depends on it
The RED, BLACK and GREEN of it,
Oh, Flag of Mine.
Here’s to the Green of it
Young men shall dream of it,
Face shot and shells of it
Waving so high.
Here’s to the whole of it
Colors grought and pole of it
Pleased is my soul with it
Regardless of what is told of it,
Thanks God for giving it
Great Flag of Mine.