Not everyone is aware but there is an African pledge that can relate to the entire Diaspora; a pledge that brings about togetherness and unison in the struggle for freedom.  The author of the pledge is not certain, but the words within the pledge ring home with truth and reverence.

While many pay homage to the land in which they were born, there should also be an allegiance paid to the culture in the blood that they share. Below is the African Pledge. Print it, copy it, hang it and be sure to recite it on a daily basis.

Afrikan Pledge

I pledge allegiance, to my people, the African race, the original man and woman of the earth, and the founders of civilization.

I pledge to continue the struggle, which will help to bring, my beloved Brothers and Sisters to freedom.

I pledge to study and discipline myself Mentally, Physically, and Economically, So that I grow into a soldier for justice

I pledge to live my life standing tall, for a person on his or her knees, Will not be respected

And if I am challenged, I must say, That I will not Surrender my position, nor my dignity, But instead, I will endure, until the final victory is WON!!!