Remember this:

“This is your brain”

“This is your brain on drugs”

“Any questions?”

This information is no longer promoted to our children daily but why?

Well it can’t be when parents are urged to force drugs down their children’s throats on a daily basis. Children are naturally excited about the world. There’s so much to see and do and sometimes it’s overwhelming for a child. Sometimes they just can’t sit down and focus long enough because they are too afraid to miss something, but is this ADD?

Am I supposed to put my child in a special education class because he can’t focus? Am I suppose to medicate my child so he will mind more and do what I say?

Children are not drones and should not be controlled as such.

Some of the problems with ADD and ADHD

  • ADD is often misdiagnosed because of parents/teachers expect perfect kids
  • Schools often urge an ADD label to receive extra funding for special education
  • Most Americans have a poor diet of unnatural processed foods
  • Symptoms sometimes result from environmental factors
  • ADD drugs are advertised directly to patients without a proper diagnosis

Some of the problems with ADD and ADHD drugs

  • They all have horrible side effects
  • The molecular structure is similar to street drugs
  • Can slow growth in children
  • They are addictive
  • They could cause sudden death

If you suspect your child as being hyperactive you should first try this

  • very little TV
  • no sweets and sodas
  • more vitamins/fruit/veggies
  • Never take the first opinion

Labels have proven to do more harm than good to children and drugs are extremely harmful regardless if they are legal or illegal. The higher your expectations are for your children, the more time you must invest in them. The last thing that should ever be considered is forcing them down a life full of drugs.

Invest the time and do your research and as always,

Know Thyself