There are many characters throughout Black history that have done extraordinary things, yet the average American knows nothing about them.

Today I would like to highlight two women freedom fighters.

In 1780 Elizabeth Freeman (Mum Bett) took her slave owner to court and won her freedom, along with a monetary award. For some reason, I can’t recall learning about Mum Bett in school. What I can remember about that timeframe however is that George Washington was honest about chopping down that cherry tree. I believe I learned about that cherry tree repeatedly for 3-4 years.

Ida B Wells wrote and spoke against lynching in different states and countries before reaching the age of 32. How many people can say that they have prevailed against adversity before deciding to settle down? Ida B Wells was threatened and fired several times, but she remained firm for her cause.

There are countless Black heroes to celebrate on a daily basis, but one will never hear about them in school. So, unfortunately, although you pay your hard earned tax dollars to your local schools, you’ll have to spend your extra hard earned time to learn about yourself.

But, it is all worth it.

Know Thyself.