What is Hip Hop? Who has correctly defined this world that many in the Black community hold dear to their heart? Surely African Americans can define something they created, love and listen to on a regular basis.

Pimping ain’t &*&! and they ain’t saying nothing. A hundred @#$#@%$$ can’t tell me nothing. I beez in the trap bee beez in the trap.

Most would identify this as being a Hip Hop song. Stop any kid between the ages of 2 and 99 who listens to a local hip hop station and see if these words are familiar to them.

Other than pimping being a degrading profession, other than a hundred people not being able to tell you nothing and other than being in the trap, there is a big problem with the current state of hip hop.

Problems with hip hop include:

  • The definition has changed over time
  • Hip Hop is a Black culture that Black people don’t own
  • It’s mostly negative

Professor Griff says that Hip Hop is an acronym “higher infinite power healing our people”. Well anyone who knows the song Beez In The Trap knows that this is no longer true. During Hip Hop’s inception the lyricists typically rhymed about something relevant, not lies that he spewed as truths.

Although Hip Hop is still a Black culture, there are only a few major record labels and neither of them are Black owned. There are however, a few small Black record labels, but each of them must pay a portion of their proceeds to a larger label. For example, a portion of Bad Boy’s proceeds goes to Interscope, a portion of Mayback Music’s proceeds go to Warner Music Group and a portion of Cash Money’s proceeds go to Universal. So, although Hip Hop is a Black culture, it is not owned by Black people.

If Hip Hop is a Black culture but is not owned by Black people, who is really telling us to be in the trap?

Hip Hop in general is not negative, but the Hip Hop you hear on your local Hip Hop stations is mostly negative. A few hip hop songs that are in current rotation are.

Mercy – Lamborghini Mercy – Yo chick is so thirsty – I’m in that two seat lambo with yo girl she tryna jerk me

Basically: I have a really expensive car that makes your girlfriend/wife want to do explicit things with me

Cash Out – 36 o’s so I’m ridin round with that nina – riding with a *&* named Keisha smoking on Kesha – my diamonds talk for me they say hi can I meet ya – She fly high, high in the sky %^& I can’t see you

Basically: I have drugs with me so I must have a gun. I like loose women, and smoking weed. My fancy jewels is how I attract the loose women.

Up –

We really don’t have to elaborate on these lyrics because they speak for themselves.

My Proposed Solution:

Balance. There is no balance within Hip Hop and I propose that each person creates it for themselves. To do this, one must seek more positive Hip Hop artists and naturally most of these artists will be independent. This is great because independent artists don’t have fifteen people telling them what they should and should not do, which leaves them the ability to simply create. If you listen to Beez In TheTtrap for 5 hours each week, you should also listen to something positive for another 5 hours.

Just imagine how the change of music will positively affect the children around you.

I also propose that your money is not used to promote so many negative images and sounds. One can listen to Beez In The Trap for free on the radio (the artists themselves tell us they have enough diamonds and Lamborghinis so your $10 likely won’t help them much) so, why not spend your $10 on that independent artists so they can press more CD’s and record more positive songs.

Remember, you can change every situation that you do not agree with and small changes make a huge difference.

Let’s take back Hip Hop and as always,

Know Thyself