Demarcus Jones is a fictional character who explores historical events within the book Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar. His name came about because it is typically recognized as a name that would be had by a Black kid. It just seemed that Demarcus Jones should present Black history as oppose to Charles Newman (the author knows no one of either of these names).

The purpose of the book Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar is to allow kids to explore their own history with a relatable character. Demarcus is a character who instills confidence in the reader because of the knowledge he brings forth. A confident child will have a better time learning than a child that is uncertain.

Many children are sent to school for almost 8 hours each day and are taught all about of the wonderful “founding fathers” who happen to also have been slave owners. How is a child to feel about Black History after this instance? Demarcus levels out this discrepancy, which is why he should be a household name.

Invest in a child by supporting CJK publications such as Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar. These products are created to accurately teach Black history and in turn also instill confidence in its audience.

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